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Mother of Pearl Tiles

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Incorporate Pearl Into Your Home Today!

Make a design statement with Mother of Pearl backsplash tiles. Our Mother of Pearl series is reminiscent of pearls which are extracted from the shell of scallops that live in shallow ocean waters. 

The most distinguishing aspect or feature of our shell tiles is the luminous colors on the tiles, achieved through the organic material. Our Mother of Pearl backsplash tiles have an insignificant amount of artificial colorants, but most of their radiance is the result of light being refracted on certain pieces of the tiles which are separated by thin layers of air. It’s interesting to note that the thickness of the air layer is actually proportionate to the length of the light wave which causes the rainbow-like iridescence of white, emerald, purple, and blue colors.
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Give Your Home a Mediterranean Look & Feel! 

Use shell tiles to add some Mediterranean vibes to almost any part of your house! These tiles will bring a touch of sunlight and the freedom of the ocean breeze into your home. At the Tile Gallery Incorporated, we proudly offer our Mother of Pearl backsplash tiles in many different shapes and sizes, so you can have them in any quantity or composition. 

Dress up your bathroom vanity or kitchen with our exotic Mediterranean Mother of Pearl tiles. Visit our tile stores in Manchester and Nashua, NH! 
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